Monday, October 18, 2010

Retired NORAD Officer Predicted Worldwide UFO Display Last Year In His Book!!

Retired NORAD Officer Stan Fulham Predicted a Worldwide UFO Display on October 13, 2010 over America's biggest cities. It was suggested in his book which was published a year ago. Challenge of Change

He served with The Royal Canadian Air force during the second world war in bomber command and, he was shot down in 1943  taken prisoner and was held various prison camps along with British Airmen, American, Canadian and so forth. 

They had their first experience with a UFO sighting on July, 1944 in Poland at the end of the war, he was released was, went to university, worked for British united press and then did not go back as a fighter pilot but as a controller for NORAD. Since Stan had the experience.  Then he had his second UFO experience, the man he replaced at NORAD taught him that there were two UFO's hovering over the bay about 2miles away, and he said they been there for quite sometime, and he never reported them. He told Stan I wool leave that up to you.So Stan filed a report and NORAD, sent jets over and the UFO's streaked away. 

The next morning he filed his report and the base commander called and told him we saw some meteor streaks, and strange lights last night but since they are gone now, no use reporting them so, forget it. So he knew what he meant, and he didn't file the report, and not reason to report it to the media. 
But, he found out that that was supposed to be reported at the time. It is protocol. So he reported it.

He gets his information from Trancender's. After the  Oct. 13, 2010 UFO incident. 
From what he gathered from the emails people are concerned, they fear them, They are confused, complacent or think they were simply balloons well…they were not. 

He gets his information from-The Trancender's which are beings, with souls like every body else except no emotions. They picked now because the earth is so special for our emotions, but it is so polluted it is on its way to extinction.They are very old souls, which consist of 43,000 with a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience, and they tried interbreeding but, it did not work.

They come from the 5th, 6th,7th 8th,+ 9th dimension, We never die, there is no such thing as time. He was taught of myth/religion, and states reincarnation is true, and the 9th dimension is the highest they become co-creators with God. 

He says we Must read: 
"Who Wrote the Bible" by Richard Elliott Friedman,

 and "Misquoting Jesus" by Bart D. Ehrman

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  1. First the man selling a Book with the first name Stan. Then the man who wrote a book "Who Wrote The Bibles" last name is Friedman? Bogus lies!